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Significant improvement
Illuminate the path for your
child to Chinese fluency!


All my children have been taking Chinese tuition from Talent Education. The teachers are very patient. They also gave my children extra lessons just before PSLE. One of my children was not strong academically and was weak especially in oral. The teacher recorded many model answers so that my child could listen whenever he is free, and the notes were very helpful. I could see the marked improvement in his prelims. He also mentioned that he could answer his PSLE orals well.

My eldest son who is also having tuition at Talent Education has been scoring As in his tests and exams for his higher chinese in secondary school.

Have recommended friends and relatives who are happy with the results as well.

Happy tuition students attending classes

Fiona L

My daughter started her class in KAP centre since 2nd half of P2. The class size is small and teacher is able to pay more attention to her development and adjust to their teaching based on her skill.
My daughter show tremendous improvement in her Chinese composition and comprehension in her P3 exam recently.
Thank you teacher for her patient in guiding her.

trained MOE teacher who is familiar with the syllabus and assessment requirements

Tommie chen

Qu Laoshi is knowledgeable, patient and has an excellent rapport with her students. Her background as a trained MOE teacher who is familiar with the syllabus and assessment requirements makes a significant difference. My youngest daughter, Lauren, 9, used to struggle with all her mandarin-related tests and assignments. However, since she joined Qu Laoshi's class, her marks have trended in the AL2 range and above. She is also happy to go for tuition and looks forward to completing her tasks well. I highly recommend Talent Education for your child's mandarin needs.

Chinese lesson educating child ace in exam
Student academic growth in PSLE and O level N level
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